2000 Woadsonner (Edit) Public Art Fund


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leather, car chassis
New York, commissioned by Public Art Fund for MetroTech Brooklyn, “Woadsonner,” 2000
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A former public sculpture (Woadsonner, Public Art Fund, Halcyon Days, MetroTech Center,2000), crushed, stripped, and hung like a carcass. After witnessing 9/11 while installing a NY show (Deitch Projects, 2001), I shifted both artistically and personally. Eventually this led me to obliterate my failures and iconographic traps through an emblematic and quite literal destruction. This work in its new iteration [Woadsonner (Edit)] examines our cultural icons of speed and their failure to hold their idealized present and future. My practice has evolved to examine debris and the aftermath of violence in direct response to 9/11, rather than the tidy closed seams of sculpture. My process continues to build inversions of cultural iconography in order to investigate notions of human failure. I’ve explored abject forms of violence and entropy through sub-cultures ranging from skateboards to epic-related action figures and models; monolithic Minimalism to national flags.